The Youthful Skin Connection – Part 5

Flexible skin – Stretch mark are usually associated with pregnancy, but in fact they affect many people besides expectant mothers. These scar like ribbons of diaphanous skin are responsible for a great deal of self-consciousness and anxiety.

Stretch marks occur when the skin hasn’t the elasticity to expand. Although it might feel perfectly pliable to the touch, the rigidity occurs at the molecular level. It often signifies a dietary deficiency of many important nutrients, particularly tryptophan and zinc. Zinc is the most important trace element in collagen. It lends the skin pliability and strength, and to protect against further stretch marks, many nutritionists recommend taking it as a supplement along with tryptophan. Why take these two together? Basically, tryptophan helps ensure that zinc is carried through the intestinal wall into the blood stream.

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