The Youthful Skin Connection – Part 3

When you lie on a blazing beach, no matter what factor protective oil you apply, the sun’s ultraviolet rays will penetrate the skin and start to oxidize these water molecules. This process robs water molecules of their electrons, and in doing so turns them into hydroxyls – the most dangerous of free radicals. When hydroxyl production reaches a certain level, it causes skin cancer. The destructive effect of ultraviolet light is a major reason for the scientific world’s current concern over the loss of the ozone layer from the upper atmosphere. The ozone layer filters out most of the ultraviolet that comes from the sun, effectively protecting us from a hydroxyl-induced cancer epidemic. For without this layer – and there is already a hole in it the size of Antarctica caused by pollutants – the number of skin cancers would skyrocket.

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(from “The Amino Solution” – Robert Erdmann, Ph.D.)

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