The Youthful Skin Connection – Part 2

A hundred years ago, porcelain-white skin was thought to be one of the greatest assets of a beautiful woman. Today, the darker the tan, the better. Although we find bronzed skin attractive, the damage, that the sun’s rays cause often far outweighs the benefits.

One of the most important factors in keeping your skin young-looking is the amount of moisture it retains. This is regulated by prostaglandins, the chemicals derived from the unsaturated fatty acid linoleum acid. They play a part in the immune response, and lubricate connective tissue. They also account for the natural oiliness of our skin. This oiliness works to retain billions of water molecules in the tissue, keeping it well irrigated.

Come back tomorrow for part 3!

(from the “The Amino Solution” – Robert Erdmann, Ph.D.)

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