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Aug 12th, 2011

Allergy Answers – Part 5

So how can we use amino acids to treat the antibody responses? One of the most effective forms of allergy relief is supplemental histidine. Not only does histidine stimulate stomach acid secretion, it also regulates the ratio of helper cell to suppressor. This is a little surprising, as its histamine form is a central component of the allergy response – the flushing and inflammation. Histidine’s suppressor-helper balancing action actively prevents this allergic repines form occurring. Histidine supplementation can unblock nasal passages, resolve redness and swelling, and relieve the irritability, depression, and anxiety that often accompany an allergy response. When it comes to mitigating allergic responses, histidine is one of the best aminos you can take.

(From The Amino Solution by Robert Erdmann, Ph.D.)

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