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Aug 11th, 2011

Allergy Answers – Part 4

Most allergies can be traced back to two related sources. The first is that the immune systems of as many as one person in ten produce more T-cell helpers than suppressors. These helper cells lead to the formation of increased numbers of antibodies, even though there may be no dangerous invading substances in the body. If these antibodies reacted exclusively to the substances they were designed to fight, this overproduction would be harmless.But, because invading substances change – viruses, for example, are constantly altering their structures – the defending antibodies must also be able to adapt in order to be effective. For this to happen, the structures of their connection sites allow for a certain latitude in what they latch on to. So when their numbers are abnormally increased by T-cell helpers, and in the absence of any harmful substances for them to attack, the antibodies might turn on almost anything as an invader. The result will be they symptoms of an immune response – headache, inflammation, fever – as the antibodies start reacting to the most innocuous, everyday substances: dust, pollen, foods, and even the body’s own tissue.

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(from The Amino Revolution – Robert Erdmann, Ph.D.)

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