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Aug 10th, 2011

Allergy Answers – Part 3

An allergy is an abnormally heightened sensitivity to a substance (allergen) that is brought into contact with the body. The traditional view that this sensitivity can be traced back to a single cause, and steps taken to either avoid it or “desensitize” your body to it, it obsolete. There is such an incredible numb of allergens that in many people allergic reactions occur continually. A radical new approach is needed – one that strengthens the body’s entire metabolism, and in doing so mitigates its allergy-causing hypersensitivity. Over the past few years, amino acids have been used in this way with astonishing success. They attack the causes of allergies at their roots. By improving your digestion, removing damage-causing agents such as free radicals, and balancing the resources of your body’s immune system, they offer hope for literally millions of allergy sufferers.

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(from The Amino Revolution – Robert Erdmann, Ph.D.)

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