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Jul 13th, 2011

Stress – Part 8

A Biochemical Relay Race

A primary function of GAS is release of adrenalin – the driving force of the stress reaction. it is the fuel that powers your body’s rise to the demands being made on it. This important hormone is produced by a metabolic pathway beginning with the parent amino acid phenylalanine. Considering the many nutrients needed to complete this process, it is worth describing the reaction step by step to show how important each nutrient is, and how dependent they are on each other.

The whole process of stress response resembles a relay race. A relay team’s victory depends on the speed of each runner, the smoothness of each baton pass, the state of the track, and each runner’s fitness. In the case of the stress response, the finishing line is the production of adrenalin.

(Continued tomorrow…)

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