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Jul 25th, 2011

Depression – Part 1

Depression is a paradox. Think of it: The most spectacularly able thing know to humanity – your brain – brought low by an overwhelming sense of futility and uselessness, a belief that life is just too difficult. The Healing Research Trust describes classic full-blown depression as “the loss of capacity to enjoy life, combined with a poverty of though and movement.”

Depression is the common cold of mental disorders. One person in a hundred suffers from it right now. And if it has never affected you, there is a better than one-in-eight chance that it will. It’s easy enough to glimpse the numbing effects of depression. Picture yourself on a family outing. It’s a Labor Day weekend, and you’ve driven into the country. But the sky is lead gray, and sleet spatters horizontally across the windshield, reducing everyone to a sense of despondency and lethargy. Conversation is held in bad-tempered monosyllables, and even drawing a face on the fogged window requires a huge effort. You want to drive home, but it just doesn’t seem to matte enough to bother.

(continued tomorrow…)

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