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Jul 19th, 2011

Anxiety – Part 2

What causes this extreme anxiety response? The best way to find out is by looking at a classic cause of anxiety. Then, once we understand the psychological an mental problems involved, we can formulate an amino acid blend to fight it.


Imagine sitting in your car at the red traffic light of an intersection. The light changes to green. You’ve repeated these actions so often that you release the brake almost unconsciously, ease your foot off the clutch, and press the accelerator. The car moves forward. Suddenly another car, running a red light, slams into your side. You are treated for shock and a few cuts and bruises, but all things considered, you’re lucky to be alive.

A few weeks later you come up to the same intersection. Again the light is red and the memories of the accident come vividly to life: the screech of the brakes, the thundering concussion as the cars hit, tossing you sideways, the breaking glass. Now, instead, of the easy, reflexive way you usually move off, you are acutely conscious of your actions. You realize that it was exactly this chain of event that led to the accident and that every movement you now make is repeating the chain. The light changes and your throat tightens, your palm is sweaty on the gearshift, and your movements are tense and jerky. The car moves off, and you grit your teeth, your senses alert to danger.

(Continued tomorrow…)

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