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Jun 30th, 2011

Alertness & Memory – Part 4

Once the ammonia has been has been converted, the brain can use glutamine, like the sugar glucose, as a source of energy. So taking glutamine is almost like plugging your brain into a free fuel source. Not only does it make you feel healthier, it can actually benefit your work. Students, for example, fine that taking glutamine supplements in the evening helps them concentrate on homework; they can also work much later in to the night without feeling tired. Unlike the caffeine contained in tea and coffee, glutamine stimulates, the brain by naturally supporting the brain’s metabolic pathways. You feel livelier when you take the glutamine because it unblocks the vitality we all possess but rarely release – unlike coffee, which provides and artificial stimulation at the expense of your health. Students have also take glutamine before examinations. They report greater mental alertness and clarity, and a few of the doubts that often surface during exams.

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