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Nov 29th, 2017



As a thank you to our customers, Genesa would like to extend free shipping for every retail order placed December 1, 2017, to December 31, 2017. Thank you for choosing Total Amino Solution® for your wellness needs. We’re wishing you much joy, health and success in the coming new year.

The Genesa Team

Jan 5th, 2015

Customers: Be aware of fraudulent USPS package delivery messages sent by phone or email!


CUSTOMERS: Here is the link provided by the Postmaster as well as additional information regarding the recent warning posted on USPS website about the spam emails coming to customers:

From the Postmaster:

Some postal customers are receiving bogus e-mails about a package delivery or online postage charges. The e-mails contain a link or attachment that, when opened, installs a malicious virus that can steal personal information from your PC.

The e-mails claim to be from the U.S. Postal Service and contain fraudulent information about an attempted or intercepted package delivery or online postage charges. You are instructed to click on a link, open the attachment, or print the label.

But Postal Inspectors warn: Don’t do it!

Like most viruses sent by e-mail, clicking on the link or opening the attachment will activate a virus that can steal information—such as your user name, password, and financial account information.

What to do? Simply delete the message without taking any further action. The Postal Inspection Service is working hard to resolve the issue and shut down the malicious program. If you have questions about a delivery or wish to report spam, please call 1-800-ASK-USPS or email

Genesa Customers may contact us for further information at 1-800-404-1065 or

Oct 3rd, 2014

Amino Acids are Required for Healing

The human body was designed with a natural capacity to heal.  But, first it must obtain the essential nutrients required for healing from food and supplements.  The opposite is true as well: when our bodies do not have all the nutrients required to heal, the healing process is slowed or halted.

In relation to amino acids, this concept can mean several things:

1.   A hidden amino acid deficiency can lead to multiple physical and emotional difficulties as well as a variety of other symptoms.

2.   A complete amino acid blend like Total Amino Solution™ can easily and safely alleviate hidden amino acid deficiencies.

3.   Symptoms of amino acid deficiencies are rapidly reduced or cleared utilizing a complete blend.

For more information read Recharge Your Body & Mind with Amazing Amino Acids

Mar 11th, 2014

The Online Store Has Undergone Changes

Please click on the tab “STORE” to see our current list of products including our new specials.



Jul 20th, 2010

Register for Fields to Fork Lecture in Truckee California

READ:  fields_to_fork_flyer

Fields to Fork, Cedar House, Truckee, CA, July 30 and 31, 2010
This workshop, titled “Fields to Fork – a Tool Box for the Informed Eater” will focus on the health and nutritional benefits of organic food and will include sessions on understanding organic labeling, “The #1 Secret to Healthy Eating”, “From our Soils to our Supplements” and more. The educational event will also include a “Fresh from the Farm” cooking demonstration and lunch with Chef Jacob, the Executive Chef for Stella Restaurant at the Cedar House Sport Hotel. The night before the workshop, Stella Restaurant will also host a farmers’ dinner featuring a special summer tasting menu and wine pairing. Five percent of the proceeds from the Fields To Fork workshop will be donated to the Squaw Valley Institute. For more information and to reserve your space call 800-404-1065.

May 11th, 2010

Just In! Dr. Dan on KUNR 88.7 Radio

Dan Erwine explores the role of micronutrients and dietary supplements in sustaining mental health. There will be a conference later this month in Truckee. On the program: Dr. Dan Smith, a chiropractor and nutritional counselor, and Dr. Kaplan, research psycologist at the University of Calgary.