optimal health and mind-body balance

About the founder.

We’re in the midst of a huge and growing paradigm shift in our approach to health, with growing interest in taking control of our own wellness and prevention, and extending longevity.

Dr. Dan Smith envisioned Genesa to do just that.  With 27 years in the health industry, Dr. Dan has seen trends.  He has reviewed research.  He has embraced integrative medicine.  And, today, he has incorporated his foundational wellness approaches into a company that has produced the best amino acid product in the marketplace:  Total Amino Solution™.  But, he didn’t stop there.

Dr. Dan believes that educating the consumer is as important as creating supplements that prevent soft-tissue degenerative diseases.  He believes consumers can and should revolutionize their own health and that of their families by educating themselves about wellness and prevention.  That is why he has limited his office hours and expanded his services to include even more individual consultations, group wellness presentations, corporate wellness strategies, and exceptional educational material that empowers consumers.

As an expert in micronutrient supplementation, organic living, and integrative healing, Dr. Dan is clearly representative of the shifting health paradigm, one that encourages individuals to be uniquely interested and qualified to extend the quantity and quality of their lives .

Genesa = unlimited potential, new beginnings, conscious living…in action.

Genesa = you.