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Feb 24th, 2015

Individual Amino Acids and/or the Complete Blend of Amino Acids

A question Dr Dan often hears is, “what is the difference between taking single doses of amino acids versus taking a complete blend?” Certain individual amino acids can be successful in treating very specific symptoms. For example, the amino acid Taurine can be critical in the prevention of seizures. Studies have shown that Taurine provides aid for defects in nerve blood flow, motor nerve conductivity velocity and nerve sensory thresholds.

Certainly, when dealing with certain chronic and acute conditions in his private practice, Dr Dan may combine single, high doses of amino acids with other micronutrients to establish immediate reduction in symptoms. However, he has found that leaning toward integration of a complete blend into a patient’s diet offers, in most cases, a successful outcome to the widest array of symptoms and patients. Oftentimes illness causes a chain reaction of deficiencies where one symptom can be addressed with an individual amino acid, but the stress of the illness itself on the overall system may need a complete blend of amino acids to assist in the necessary repairs towards optimal health.