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Sep 30th, 2014

Depression and Amino Acid Deficiency

To understand how amino acid deficiency exacerbates depression, it is important to understand how the brain affects our emotional and mental health.  The primary neurotransmitters that maintain healthy brain functions are serotonin, GABA, dopamine and norepinephrine.  Kept in balance, these neurotransmitters aid mood, sleep and anxiety.

Serotonin and GABA have a calming and inhibitory effect on the brain and on your mood, whereas dopamine and norepinephrine have a stimulating and excitatory effect on the brain and on your mood.  The balance of these four neurotransmitters is critical to experiencing life with passion, energy, focus, and zest.  One way to assist that important balance is with Total Amino Solution.

From Dr. Dan’s book, Recharge Your Body & Mind with Amazing Amino Acids

Sep 23rd, 2014

Do You Need Amino Acid Supplements?

According to the leading experts (specialists using amino acids as a therapy), there are individuals who require broad- spectrum amino acid supplementation more than others.

They are:

  • Those on or who have been on prescription medications
  • Those recovering from surgery
  • Those who have any gastrointestinal disorders
  • Those with a family history of degenerative diseases (i.e., heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cancer)
  • Those with any genetic or enzymatic deficits that interfere with normal protein synthesis and metabolism

However, there are other health problems also associated with deficiencies and unbalanced amino acids.  Many things including strenuous exercise, aging, drug use, certain medications, infections, vitamin B or C deficiency, or even a lack of varied protein sources can cause an imbalance in amino acids in the body.  Taking the quiz on the following page may help you determine if you are also a good candidate for amino acid supplementation.

Amino Acid Health Quiz

  1. Do you experience fatigue upon arising in the morning?
  2. Do you experience chronic emotional and/or physical pain?
  3. Do you experience hypoglycemia symptoms?
  4. Do you experience moodiness?
  5. Do you experience ADD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, sleeplessness, or fibromyalgia?
  6. Do you have any chemical addictions?
  7. Are you recovering from an injury?
  8. Do you have a difficult time consuming enough protein at three meals per day?
  9. Do you have food or other allergies or eating disorders?
  10. Are you interested in supplements for well-being and anti-aging?
  11. Are you a sports enthusiast/body builder?
  12. Do you need additional support in your body’s detoxification process due to environmental chemicals?
  13. Have you had an illness and/or stress that have strained your body’s resources?
  14. Would like to strengthen your body’s overall vitality?

How did you do?  The odds are that you not only answered yes once, but possibly several times.  Is it really that easy to determine your need for amino acid supplementation?  Yes!  Each of the chapters in this book is designed to assist you in discovering for yourself how your body and your quality of life will benefit from the guided use of amino acid supplementation.

Excerpted from Dr. Dan’s book, Recharge Your Body & Mind with Amazing Amino Acids


Sep 9th, 2014


In most cases, what we see with chronic stress is chronic emotional and/or physical pain.  In chronic stress conditions the stress will ultimately use up the endorphins.  You will need to rebuild your endorphin supply, which is made up of amino acids. The endorphins are your body’s natural morphine. By taking Total Amino Solution™, you are assisting to refuel your depleted endorphins, as well as your overall immune health.

From Dr. Dan’s book, Recharge Your Body & Mind with Amazing Amino Acids

Sep 3rd, 2014

What are amino nutrients?

During my quest to find the perfect “metabolic tune up” for my patients, I read the book, The Amino Revolution, written by Robert Erdmann, Ph.D., in 1989.  It is here that I realized a brilliant concept had been overlooked by the health care industry. This simple concept, a whole and complete amino acid supplement, allows an individual’s body and mind to “pick and choose” the needed amino acids as opposed to a health practitioner making an educated guess, using a “symptoms-only” approach, which often misses the big picture of the complex system of your total health.

This nutritional approach to health—amino nutrients—provides the synergy necessary for wellness and longevity.  Amino acids are in fact the missing puzzle piece that brings all the nutrients to optimum performance.


From Dr. Dan’s new book, Recharge Your Body & Mind with Amazing Amino Acids