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Mar 30th, 2012

Dr. Dan featured in Healthy Beginnings Magazine! Wow!

Please click on the link below to read Dr. Dan’s fantastic article– “Amazing Amino Acids: the Building Blocks of Protein and YOU”

Mar 30th, 2012

Building Better Health: how micronutrient intake builds TOTAL health

The importance of micronutrient intake: amino acids, vitamins/minerals & omega 3 when building better health:

 The Building Blocks

As you know, amino acids are the “building blocks” for all cells in your body, including your brain, skeletal system, immune system, cardiovascular system and so on.  They can be compared to the materials required to build a house that you would find at a construction site, such as 2×4’s, 4×4’s, electrical wires, plumbing supplies, etc. 

The Builders

Just as building a house requires more than the raw materials, other essential nutrients are required to work with the amino acids in building health and well being.  Imagine if all you had on a construction site were the materials – the job would go nowhere without the builders to actually build! This is similar to the way your body utilizes amino acids. Vitamins & minerals are essential “cofactors”.  They are the energizers and facilitators that take the amino acids from point A to point B in your body. That means a high-quality vitamin & mineral is required to get the job done – to act as the “builders” that take the materials (amino acids) and construct them into a “house”- a healthy, vibrant you!  

The Glue

An important step in the building process involves another class of micronutrients called the essential fatty acids (EFAs), best know as omega 3 fish oil.  These EFA’s are essential for our health and well being as they promote a healthy brain, healthy skin, healthy heart, healthy immune system and so on. They are, in a sense, the “glue” to bind the cells together. EFA’s become the fat lining around your nerve cells, called myelin.  This allows efficient communications from the nerve cells to the body so that the whole house functions properly.    So, as important as amino acids are in your daily supplement routine, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids play a significant role in your total health.  

                   – Dr. Dan