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Sep 3rd, 2014

What are amino nutrients?

During my quest to find the perfect “metabolic tune up” for my patients, I read the book, The Amino Revolution, written by Robert Erdmann, Ph.D., in 1989.  It is here that I realized a brilliant concept had been overlooked by the health care industry. This simple concept, a whole and complete amino acid supplement, allows an individual’s body and mind to “pick and choose” the needed amino acids as opposed to a health practitioner making an educated guess, using a “symptoms-only” approach, which often misses the big picture of the complex system of your total health.

This nutritional approach to health—amino nutrients—provides the synergy necessary for wellness and longevity.  Amino acids are in fact the missing puzzle piece that brings all the nutrients to optimum performance.


From Dr. Dan’s new book, Recharge Your Body & Mind with Amazing Amino Acids


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