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Jul 15th, 2011

Stress – Part 10

Reducing Stress

The message of all this is simple. When the metabolic relay from phenylalanine is not flowing as it should, then your body’s response to stress is inadequate. This is a widespread phenomenon in the West, as are its symptoms of fatigue, lowered resistance to illness, depression, and premature agin. The process can, in effect, remove all the sparkle from you life. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that by supplementing your body with the free amino acids, vitamins and minerals needed for the stress response, you often can easily and surprisingly alter your whole experience of life and health. And despite the great complexity of the interrelated metabolic pathways involved, this task is not overwhelmingly difficult. In essence, it involves examining these metabolic pathways, noting the particular substances involved, and supplying them through your diet together with wisely selected nutritional supplementation.

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