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Jul 1st, 2011

Alertness & Memory – Part 5

Another common and annoying problem is loss of memory. How often have you seen a face and been unable to put a name to it, or vainly tried to conjure up a specific word or the title of a film? Have you ever left on a trip only to freeze in panic when you couldn’t remember whether you’d turned off the oven or closed a window? For most of us, this forgetfulness is only a minor frustration. For some it is deadly serious. The chronic forms of memory loss are presenile (occurring before 60 years of age) and senile (occurring after 60) dementia. In their acute stages they leave victims with little awareness of who they are or of their surroundings, unresponsive to those around them and often incontinent. Now, as a results of research in to the severest forms of this distressing illness, amino acids are being used not only to help these, but even the milder forms of memory loss that we all experience.

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