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How many different types of amino acids are there?

There are 22 amino acids, 10 of which are considered “essential.”  Combined in different ways, there are hundreds of amino acids intermediates performing tasks throughout your body which are commonly known as “metabolic pathways.”  These pathways are  multiple and are essential for maintaining a healthy body.  Some of the important roles of the amino acid complex system are the production of enzymes needed for metabolism to neurotransmitters in the brain which stabilize your mood, muscle growth, tissue repair, and immune system responses.  The value of taking a complete amino acid nutritional supplement like Total Amino Solution™ is to assure all the metabolic pathways are nourished and fortified.  This is a vital requirement to maintain whole body health and prevent illnesses from heart disease, diabetes and hypoglycemia, depression, a weak immune system, cancer, and more.

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  1. Toni V says:

    My psychiatrist prescribed it for me to help me wean off Effexor. I have just finished my second bottle and I can feel the difference of when I take it and I don’t. It truly is an essential part of my diet. Thank you.

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