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Are amino acids important for women?

Amino acids play an important role in womens’ health issues. They are also being studied for their support of emotional health and the treatment of depression. Amino acids are one of the building blocks of life. They are involved in cellular energy production and they make up proteins in every tissue of the body. They help in the formation of antibodies, muscles, collagen, hormones, enzymes, immunoglobulins, hemoglobin, neurotransmitters, and receptors.

They are important to nearly every chemical process in the body that affects physical and mental function.

A deficiency in amino acids may affect athletic performance, fatigue, digestion, cardiovascular health, arthritis, allergies, neurologic balance and cognitive functions.

Yet these very important amino acids are seldom included in the daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplements you find at the supermarket. Believe it or not.

Check the labels. You will notice very few if any grocery store brands or common brands of vitamins have any amino acids included.

Many people who take vitamins and minerals and herbs forget about these important amino acid supplements. Are amino acids missing from your diet?

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