The Genesa Team

The Genesa Team is a multi-faceted, wonderfully diverse, creative group of individuals committed to empowering individuals to understand and integrate optimal health into their daily lives.You’ve already met Dr. Dan, founder and fellow health entrepreneur.  Meet a few of the other contributors below:
Christina Staneart
Operations Manager
Christie has been providing exceptional customer service to Genesa clients since 2008. Besides managing Genesa’s daily operations, Christie also works closely with customers to provide the support they need to achieve optimal health, naturally, through a myriad of education, resources, and the Genesa network of micronutrient healthcare professionals. She is also committed to providing Genesa’s vendors and distributors with the same level of support in an effort to increase the Total Amino Solution™ distribution family around the world.
Stacey Bridges
Accounts Manager
Stacey is an integral part of the Genesa story, having worked with Dr. Dan in establishing his successful Chiropractic business before coming onto the Genesa team.  She brings outstanding customer care and support to the company as well as years of experience in the field, developing and implementing financial systems.   High quality holistic health care options are a passion of hers, and she is delighted to be supporting the Genesa team in offering its inspired, exceptional supplements to those who seek to truly enhance their total well-being.
Contributing Specialty Consultants
Stacey Kelly-Egide, Avalon Consulting
Tim Kuss, Infinity Health
Teresa Kolpak, Truehope
David Baron, ABCO Laboratories, Inc.
Drake Dosh, Inc
Rebecca Rowland